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It is extremely difficult for the average person to develop a Website without knowing how to use HTML, CSS, PHP etc. Even if you wanted to learn all of this, it would take a lot of time. Time you could be using to make money, or do whatever it is you want to do, on the internet such as:

  • Get into affiliate marketing
  • Sell your products or services
  • Market your business
  • For fun or as a hobby
  • For non-profit


This is where WordPress comes in. Although WordPress was originally created for blogging, now you can make websites with it too. It has all of the tools you need to do everything you want to develop your website or blog. Even if you don’t have any technical language.

WordPress includes plugins and widgets which are uploaded automatically to your Site. Just click and activate.

The tools WordPress has is both a strength and a weakness. A strength because once you know how, they are simple to use. The weakness is there so may resources available that it can be confusing before you learn the “ropes”.

WordPress Crash Course

But, even installing WordPress can be a challenge. Particularly if you want to develop a professional looking website/blog. I originally thought I would set up the Great Affiliate Profits web site using what was available at WordPress. I gave it up when I came across the WordPress Crash Course.

Learning how to build blogs or websites holds a lot of people back so I was really hyped when I discovered this video training course on how to install and work with WordPress.. It’s a crash course that shows you how to build professional looking WordPress blogs and Websites.


You can save yourself a lot of time and frustration by getting the WordPress Crash Course. Yes, it is really possible with this training to get your blog or website up and running in one day. There are 40 training videos ranging fro 3 to 8 minutes each so that you can reference each area any time you need to do so.

I bought the wordpress crash course because I wanted to use WordPress as my platform for my Great Affiliate Profits site. This course is really easy to follow so that you learn what you need to know in a couple of hours instead of weeks.

The wordpress videos are professionally made. The narration is clear and easy to understand. I have seen other videos where the person’s voice was hard to understand ( lots ahs………mumbling, etc.). The mouse pointer moving randomly before zeroing in on the target. You get the picture! Makes me dizzy just writing about it..

I found these videos to be of the highest quality, easy to understand with professional level narration which makes it easy to follow.







You can see for yourself by signing up for the first seven videos at no cost to you and with no strings attached.


Once you finish looking at these Videos you will have what you need to instal WordPress, choose a domain name, get a hosting service and have your site search engine optimized. Then move on to achieve Great Affiliate Profits.

Follow the four steps described above and you will be up and running in a short time. This will put you well on your way towards great affiliate profits.

Most budding Internet marketers waste an inordinate amount of time trying to find a magical “quick fix”, get frustrated and give up.

Don’t be one of them.

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