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Affiliate Links Need Protection

Tweet   It is very difficult for me to understand why  so many people selling affiliate products don’t hide their affiliate ID. Affiliate links are an important component of your revenue. Don’t risk someone stealing your affiliate ID or allow them to simply go to the site directly, depriving you of your commission. You need […]


Paperless – Fact or Fiction

Tweet Paperless – Fact or Fiction? No matter how many times I tried to go paperless, I wound up with more paper than I started out with. First let me say that I don’t think its possible to go 100% paperless. Some documents need to be kept, such as for tax or legal purposes. For most […]


Videos Catapult Affiliate Sales!

Tweet Videos have come a long way online. They are now showing up in just about every promotion you see, and for good reason, they produce a lot of sales! You can certainly easily learn to use videos to promote your affiliate products with amazing success.If you don’t, then your leaving cash on the table. […]


Secrets of Success with Affiliate Marketing

Tweet       Secrets of success with affiliate marketing are not difficult to find…………….If you know where to look! Someone said, or maybe I read it somewhere? In any case it goes like this ” If      you are just starting out and you want to succeed, “associate yourself with a rising star” To me […]


Setting Goals and Building a Business plan

Tweet Setting Goals     You have to know what  business (Niche) you want to be in before getting started. That is, if you want to create  the  Best Affiliate Marketing Program business out there. Yes……affiliate marketing is a business and it has to be treated as one. Gone are the days when you set […]


Work At Home Scam

Tweet A work at home scam was recently reported in my local newspaper. The worst thing about this scam is that the people working at home are not even aware they are involved in a scam. They thought they were engaged in a legitimate work at home job. The article is titled as a warning […]


How to Make a WordPress Website

Tweet  Getting Started with WordPress As  much as WordPress is a popular platform for blogging or building a website, it can be confusing for newbies to learn how to use it. Although there is a lot of information available from WordPress, you really have to dig to get what you need to get started building […]


Save Money And Make Money With Coupons

Tweet Coupons $$$$   We spend some time during the Winter in Florida and do some shopping in grocery stores, drugstores, clothing stores etc. At first we didn’t bother with coupons because, as Canadians, not many people take the time to collect and use them. But we soon found out that this is not the […]


Get Cash For Surveys-Review

Tweet I have a policy with respect to products or services I promote. Basically, whatever I promote I have either bought and used, or it was recommended by someone in this business I respect and trust. Unfortunately, most reviews for affiliate marketing are far from being objective. In fact, I believe most affiliate products are […]

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Content is King

Tweet If you’ve been into internet marketing for the least bit of time, you heard the expression,  “content is King”. A site with quality content will attract a large number of readers which will translate into sales for the products or services which you promote. The trick is………… being able to produce that content. Especially […]


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