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I have a policy with respect to products or services I promote. Basically, whatever I promote I have either bought and used, or it was recommended by someone in this business I respect and trust. Unfortunately, most reviews for affiliate marketing are far from being objective.

In fact, I believe most affiliate products are promoted by individuals who have not bought or used the product. It is doubtful that they even tried to obtain information from someone who actually has used the product.

There is nothing more frustrating than buying something that is marketed with all kinds of promises on how much money you will make. Then you buy in only to find out that you were grossly miss-led.

The following product, Cash For Surveys, is a product which I bought. Therefore you will find out what my first hand experience is actually using  this product which says I can get paid to take surveys .

Cash for Surveys





I bought “Get Cash for Surveys” because it looked like a straightforward way to make a decent amount of money. At least enough money for a newbie to start making money online.

I was a little skeptical when I read their promotion stating how a single Dad made $3,000 a month Filling Out Surveys for Cash. But other than that they promised to show me places where I can find hundreds of surveys to make money. Also that they would show me how I could get paid to review new products and even get to keep them. I thought there might be something to this cash for surveys thing!

The Details

They also say Cash for Surveys will give you $50 when you complete your first paid survey. What they don’t say is that you will get the $50 once you can prove that you were paid by the Company you did the survey for. At first I thought all I had to was to complete the survey and I would get paid. Instead I have to wait until the company sends me a cheque or pays me through Paypall which can take a long time. After that I need to send the cash for surveys company proof that I indeed was paid for having participated in a survey.

They have a 50% coupon which means you pay only $37 instead of $74 to become a member of Cash for Surveys. Great I pay $37 and then get back $50 for completing a paid survey. It costs me nothing and I make a profit of $13. Seems like it might not cost me  any money to join.

At that point I was convinced and bought in for $37. What bugged me is when I logged in  the site,  instead of giving me the information I paid for, I was bombarded with three separate offers costing $77, $47 and $27. I ignored these because my focus was to get access to the Companies offering surveys.

The Product

I finally made my way to the product I bought in the first place, and found a list of over 60 companies I could complete surveys for. There were also four membership bonuses which I found interesting. There were also six make money online tutorials which I will be taking advantage of.

So far Cash for Surveys is looking pretty good.

Everything was fine EXCEPT I found out later if I had refused their offer to begin with and clicked on “Stay on this Page” notice, I would have paid only $12 for the whole thing instead of $37.

If you first click the close button they try to get you to pay $27 instead of $37. If you click close again, then you are offered the $12 deal.

This really bugged me because I think that this is unfair towards those who purchase first instead of trying to leave the site.

To me multiple offers to get you to sign up at a cheaper rate is underhanded and reprehensible, even if it is not illegal(?). Unfortunately, this is common practice.

I started to complete surveys, some offer points for merchandise and others offer small amounts of money. It remains to be seen how much real cash for surveys you can really make. At this point $3000 a month seems pretty remote.

In any case I requested they refund my money since I was unhappy about how ” Get Cash for Surveys”  set up their sales page. I received a prompt response from Clickbank illustrated below.


Two days later I received a message stating that a refund was sent to my Paypal account. This is why its so important to deal with a reputable merchant. In this case there was a 60 day refund policy. This gives you plenty of time to try the product and see if you like it.

On the positive side, I learned to reject sales offers until I’m logged out of their sales page. That way I hope to avoid paying more than I should for a product I’m interested in. I inten to subscribe again for $12 if its still available.

 Conclusion – Get Cash-For Surveys Review

You can go online and search for companies that will pay you money or give you some other form of reward for completing surveys. But it will take a lot of time and energy to find the best companies who do this.

Get Cash for Surveys has already done all of that work for you. It also has quite a lot of other products which you can use free of charge.

I think its worth buying into the program. But don’t pay $37. Close each page until you get to their best offer. I wish I had done that since I would have only paid $12 instead of $37.

I will continue completing surveys and will update this post to let you know how I made out.

I am an affiliate for Cash for Surveys and will continue as such as long as I believe in the product.

It should be noted that there are free online surveys for cash. You have to do the research to determine which ones are legitimate and which ones are scam. The advantage of using clickbank is that you can easily get your money back if you are not satisfied with the product.

UPDATE (June 13/13 There were plenty of survey offers sent my way once I signed up with each Company on the list. But these are for small amounts of cash. The amounts increase as you complete more surveys for each Company. I think they test you out at first before sending you more lucrative surveys.

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12 Responses to “Get Cash For Surveys-Review”

  1. Stella says:

    I really think the whole survey for work thing is such a hoax. Once you mail me a paycheck, I’ll believe you… maybe. Hope it doesn’t bounce! #iDunno

    • Maurice says:

      It’s not so much that survey work is a hoax rather than those promoting this type of work exaggerate the amount of money you can make. They also don’t tell you how much time it takes.One thing I noticed the more surveys you complete for one company, the more they pay for subsequent surveys. This might not be the case for all survey companies.

    • Mimi says:

      I’ve done surveys before. It can take a while to get the knack of it, but it can definitely PAY OFF. Not a hoax. Just go to places that are reputable!

      • Maurice says:

        I wish somebody had a list of survey sites which pay the most for surveys. Otherwise its trial and error.

        • Meilisha says:

          Very true. Maybe that’s something people can do here. I’m anxious to find more ways to bring home the bacon!

          • Maurice says:

            So far I don’t see anyone making the amount of money these marketers say they do. On the other hand you can make a few dollars completing surveys on your laptop while watching TV.

  2. Eric says:

    It sounds too good to be true. I’d rather stick to something more consistent, but power to you!

  3. Crysthal says:

    Thanks for sharing this article, Maurice. I think in today’s economy, we all need to think creatively as to getting the things we want… and a second job, even one as simple as this one, definitely does help!

  4. Tripp says:

    A friend was telling me this weekend that he makes a few hundred extra dollars by filling out surveys. I’d like to make 10x more than that before I’d consider.

    • Maurice says:

      I think your friend is doing as well as the average person who fills out surveys. However, this is better than over 90% of people who fail to make any money online.

  5. FigFan2011 says:

    Do you have places that you’d recommend to try?

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