Mining The Warrior Forum

The Warrior Forum has tremendous resources available for anyone  who is engaged in any form of affiliate marketing.

There are many people who use the forum for all of their Internet marketing activities. It offers so much that some have made a career out of it.





Mining the warrior forum







What is the Warrior Forum?

It is an online forum focused on helping people of all skill levels to start making money online as well as offline.

If you are engaged in affiliate marketing it is an absolute must for you to join the warrior forum. This is particularly true if you are new to Internet marketing because you have one place where you can learn everything you need to be successful. You will find all kinds of people who are involved in all kinds of marketing activities on the Internet.

When you visit the Warrior Forum you will find answers to a variety of questions you may have concerning any aspect of online marketing. Many people will have already answered those questions. If you still don’t have any satisfactory answers to your questions, then you can post these on the Warrior Forum and you can rest assured someone will answer them.

Warrior Forum War Room

At first it’s a very good idea to join the general forum which has tons of information sufficient to get you started. But in time I strongly advise you to join the warrior room “War Room” which currently has a $37 one time fee. This gives you access to the Warriors special offers section. Here you will find products which Warriors have developed. These are called warrior special offers (WSO). These products are sold at a much lower price than you would find anywhere else online. But as anywhere else where people are trying to sell you something you have to exercise due diligence.

By the way there are some members of the warrior forum who are making a full-time income selling WSOs.

Once you are a member of the warrior room you too can create a product for you to market to other warriors.

When you join the warrior forum you can make money from your post signature. This is a clickable signature that you can point to any website you want, including your own. If you are selling something on this website then it’s a great way to have potential customers buy whatever it is you are marketing. All you have to do is make informative posts which will give exposure to your website.

Another way to advertise on the warrior forum is by developing a member blog. Although you can’t blatantly place ads on your blog you can talk about products or add links to your social media sites such as Facebook,  linkedin, twitter and Youtube.

There is much more information available in the warrior forum than I have been able to cover here. You have to see for yourself.

One final note, when it comes to WSOs you have to make sure that the person offering the product is reputable, that it will work for anyone, including someone new to Internet marketing, and, most importantly, the quality of the product is high.

I suggest you look at an example of a WSO which meets all of these criteria and more RIGHT HERE! for great affiliate profits!

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