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You need a hosting service to make your web page/blog visible on the “World Wide Web”. This is what allows everyone to find your affiliate/online marketing business. I use and recommend Hostgator as your Hosting service provider. They provide excellent support services and their site is easy to use and the price is right. They have been a good choice for the Great Affiliate Profits website. Using Hostgator makes it easy to install WordPress with a one click operation. This is because of the cpanel (Control Panel) setup illustrated
All you need to do is click on the “Fantastico” icon circled above and follow a few really easy instructions and Voila! WordPress is installed on your site putting you well on your way to great affiliate profits.  Best Hosting Provider or the Money
I think Hostgater offers the best hosting service for the money. If you have problems they are available 24/7 and you don’t have to wait for more than a couple of minutes for someone to contact you. Best of all this takes place on their site. You don’t have to logout and wait for them to contact you by email. Once you make contact and outline your problem, it doesn’t take long before they have a solution for you. I know, I have used them several times and cannot say enough to praise their support service. This is remarkable because the problems I had didn’t have anything to do with Hostgater. For example they helped me with problems I had in relation to my WordPress site. They help you with whatever problem you bring them where other hosting companies would just shrug it off as not their problem. I know because I used other hosting services in the pas and none of them were as easy to use as Hostgater.
hostingMake it even easier on yourself and download the WordPress Crash Course. I did and I refer to it on a regular basis to fine tune my “Great Affiliate Profits website/blog”. Saves a heck of a lot of time! Once you install WordPress through the Hostgator Cpanel, the Crash Course guides you through every step needed to make a wordpress website or blog. You save a heck of a lot of time doing it this way.(Next…..WordPress)

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