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You can develop your web page using a free website. But this indicates your not a serious internet entrepreneur which cuts down on your chances of making great affiliate profits. As well, many search engines will not list free websites, making it all that much harder to find your web page or blog. Besides, your domain name is your brand!

These days marketing a product that is branded is everything. For example, compare the price of a pair of jeans that has a brand name and one that doesn’t. There can be up to 100% (and more) between the jeans that have a brand name and those that don’t. That’s how you make great affiliate profits.

If your going to build a website and then put it on the web you need an address. Just like your house has an address so people can find you. Your website needs an address for the same reason.

You probably have an email address. This is like a domain name but instead of it is written as Most domain names have .com but can also have .org, .biz, .net .ca, .uk etc.

Domain Registrar

You buy a domain name¬†from a “domain registrar” such as NameCheap. Try to choose a domain name which is consistent with your affiliate/ internet business.

Stick to “.com” and make it short and NOT hyphenated ie Not…””. It should read instead “”.

Also keep the domain name short and descriptive of your business. For example “Affiliate” or even “Affiliate Profits” would have been better than “Great affiliate Profits” for a domain name. But “greataffiliateprofits” was available and the others weren’t.

I recommend “Namecheap” for your domain name registrar. Needless to say they offer a very competitive fee for registering your domain name.

It is also very easy to transfer your domain name to Hostgator ( Use Code: docbou31213. for $9.94 discount) which is the Hosting Company that I recommend and use for my “Great Affiliate Profits” site .

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