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We spend some time during the Winter in Florida and do some shopping in grocery stores, drugstores, clothing stores etc.

At first we didn’t bother with coupons because, as Canadians, not many people take the time to collect and use them. But we soon found out that this is not the case in the US. Cashiers at grocery stores kept asking us if we had coupons. We also noticed that almost everybody used coupons.

We decided to pay attention and started collecting them. All sorts of coupons were readily available in newspapers, magazines and in the stores we shopped in as well. In fact some stores encouraged us to bring in coupons from competitors, such as Walmart Coupons, Walgreen Coupons etc,, and they would honor them.


We got Hooked!

It didn’t take long for us to find out that not using coupons, especially at grocery stores, didn’t make sense. We found that we saved a considerable amount of money by using coupons.



Once we were hooked on coupons we started looking for a one stop shopping for coupons on the internet. This way we wouldn’t have to wait for newspapers etc. to collect coupons. This where Coupon Gravy comes in where it’s one stop shopping for thousands of coupons in every category. They have Free Grocery Coupons as well as all kinds of  other Printable Coupons. I think it’s worthwhile checking them out. Coupon Gravy is not only one of the best ways to save money, its also one of the few free ways to make money online.


Coupon Gravy

Coupon Gravy is one of the largest coupon code databases on the web. They have:

50,000+ verified coupon codes
Over 3500  top online retailers.
All  coupon codes are  guaranteed to work.
Earn 50%  commission on sales generated by the traffic you refer to Coupon Gravy.
A leading resource for those who want to save money when shopping online.


How does the program work?

START by signing up for a FREE Coupon Gravy account so that you can:

  •     Earn points by contributing to the CG community
  •     Redeem points for prizes and gift cards
  •     Connect with other savvy shoppers
  •     Share shopping secrets and tips
  •     Subscribe to the Coupon Gravy weekly newsletter

To sign up for the program and get your coupons CLICK HERE.


THEN join their Affiliate Program so that you can MAKE money.

As a Coupon Gravy affiliate a visitor you refer to them purchases a TV for $1000. If Coupon Gravy receives a 10% commission on that sale, they earn $100, and they split  50/50 with you. You earn $50 for simply referring the user.

They have a very generous 10% commission on all sub-affiliate earnings. They also have a 180 day cookie through their affiliate links. So if someone referred to them comes back within 6 months and makes a purchase, you still get the commission.

Whats even better, if anyone you refer signs up for a free Coupon Gravy account you get commissions on that user’s purchases forever.  This could potentially generate a hands-free passive income for years to come!

Affiliates are payed monthly by check or Paypal. You get paid your months earnings 30 days after the month has ended.

To sign  up as an affiliate or to obtain more in formation, CLICK HERE







13 Responses to “Save Money And Make Money With Coupons”

  1. Ariel says:

    When couponing, try to stack coupons. Meaning, use an in-store coupon, an online discount and a regular coupon. You’d be surprised on how much you’d save.

  2. Mary says:

    A lot of stores post online coupons that you can either print or attach to your discount card.

  3. Nancy says:

    The concept of coupon gravy sounds awesome. I’m always looking for ways to save. Feeding a family of five doesn’t come cheap! Especially after this Obamacare hooplah!

  4. Missy says:

    I’m not a huge fan of couponing, but I do keep an eye on sales. Sometimes it’s even better than carrying a book of coupons with you.

  5. EMmy says:

    My sister likes to buy with coupons and donate any free goods she gets. You can get a lot of toiletries for a good deal or next to nothing. Bargain shoppers!

  6. Elena G says:

    I’ve never heard of Coupon Gravy, but it sounds like a very intriguing opportunity. Always looking for ways to save/make some cash. Genius!

  7. Talia says:

    Couponing is easier than ever now. You can get them on your smart phone, online, print them off, in the paper. Anyone heard of Groupon????

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