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Affiliate Links Need Protection

Tweet   It is very difficult for me to understand why  so many people selling affiliate products don’t hide their affiliate ID. Affiliate links are an important component of your revenue. Don’t risk someone stealing your affiliate ID or allow them to simply go to the site directly, depriving you of your commission. You need […]


Secrets of Success with Affiliate Marketing

Tweet       Secrets of success with affiliate marketing are not difficult to find…………….If you know where to look! Someone said, or maybe I read it somewhere? In any case it goes like this ” If      you are just starting out and you want to succeed, “associate yourself with a rising star” To me […]


Setting Goals and Building a Business plan

Tweet Setting Goals     You have to know what  business (Niche) you want to be in before getting started. That is, if you want to create  the  Best Affiliate Marketing Program business out there. Yes……affiliate marketing is a business and it has to be treated as one. Gone are the days when you set […]


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