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Internet marketing is a great way to to make money online. But, having said that, before you can start earning income, you will first have to go through a number of necessary and important steps.

As I pointed out elsewhere on this site, you need to find your niche, preferably one that you have had extensive experience with. Next, you need to get a domain name registered, and then sign up for a hosting service.

Then your ready set up your WordPress platform, and produce quality content focused on promoting your affiliate products. I know that once you complete these essential steps you will have what it takes to interest your prospects to visit your site.

And finally, when all of this is done you will need to sign up with an affiliate marketing program that offers the most promising rewards.

Now its time for you to put together your affiliate marketing campaign and to think about finding affiliate marketing tools.

One of these tools involves building yourself a mailing list. Its crucial for your business to have a list of customers and prospects for the products that you’re selling.

Remember, “The money is in the list.” In fact, it’s not just affiliate marketers who need mailing lists, but every single internet business needs a mailing list.

A mailing list helps you communicate with your customers and prospects. You send out newsletters, emails and updates regularly.

Most important of all, a mailing list reflects the number of people who are interested in your products, and who have given you their consent to send them emails and and other types of information.

Of course, creating a mailing list is not something that you can easily and effectively do with a regular email account. You need to get an autoresponder to help you deliver your marketing campaigns.

As you know, an autoresponder is basically a tool that you use to send out your emails, newsletters, offers etc. to your list. With an autoresponder, these can be sent out on a variety of set schedules such as once, twice or more times a week. You can divide your autoresponder  list based on what products your clients/prospects are interested in and then schedule your mailings accordingly. Its really up to you on how you want to schedule your autoresponder to send these.

When you use an autoresponder service it allows you to create various newsletter that you can send out to your subscribers almost immediately if you want to.

A few good examples of autoresponders include Aweber, GetResponse and Mailchimp.

autoresponderAweber has been around for a long time, and offers excellent tracking, monitoring and functionality. However, Aweber’s autoresponder service is also somewhat more expensive than some of the other autoresponders. Nevertheless, Aweber’s intuitive scheduling and sequencing features allows you to organize and manage your mailing campaigns more easily. Its autoresponder service is also used by some of the best affiliate marketers on the internet.

autoresponderGetResponse’s autoresponder service offers almost the same features and tools as Aweber, except that it’s slightly cheaper and offers better import capabilities. Like Aweber, GetResponse’s autoresponder service also has internet marketing and related features to help you keep track of your subscribers and your emails.

autoresponderAs for Mailchimp, this particular autoresponder service is fairly cheap, and it offers a variety of reports that you can use to help you improve your internet marketing strategy. So if you’re looking for a bargain, this is the type of autoresponder that you’ll want to get.

Needless to say, there are other kinds of autoresponders to choose from. Choosing the right one can make a big difference in managing your internet marketing campaign.

So going back to the issue of autoresponders and mailing lists, it’s important to remember that the goal in all of this is efficiency. The more efficient you are at giving value to your clients and prospects, the more likely they will buy what you have to offer.

An autoresponder is essential if you have an e-course or newsletters that you’d like to send out to those who subscribed your mailing list.

An autoresponder allows you automate your marketing campaigns. You can use your autoresponder to broadcast emails on demand to all of the people who are on your list.

You will be able to advertise the latest affiliate products and services as soon as they come out.

Basically, an autoresponder is a tool that helps you build a stable business relationship with your contacts. Those relationships are extremely important for maintaining and expanding your business profitably.

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