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Maurice has been a member since June 24th 2012, and has created 22 posts from scratch.

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I am an avid affiliate marketer and enjoy learning something new everyday. It is very rewarding to recommend affiliate products with which you can make money.

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Affiliate Links Need Protection


It is very difficult for me to understand why  so many people selling affiliate products don’t hide their affiliate ID.

Affiliate links are an important component of your revenue. Don’t risk someone stealing your affiliate ID or allow them to simply go to the site directly, depriving you of your commission.

You need to do everything in your power to protect these links.

How can you do that?

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Paperless – Fact or Fiction

Paperless – Fact or Fiction? No matter how many times I tried to go paperless, I wound up with more paper than I started out with.

First let me say that I don’t think its possible to go 100% paperless. Some documents need to be kept, such as for tax or legal purposes. For most  material kept on my computer, a copy is sufficient. In fact most of the time I need a document because someone wants a copy sent electronically.

It would be nice if all of my documents could be stored and easily retrievable on my computer. But every time I tried to retrieve a document, I couldn’t do it quickly or I couldn’t find it.

If you are engaged in affiliate marketing you know that you accumulate tons of information. Ideas for future posts, affiliate programs your interested in, bloggers you want to get in touch with, new products you may want to promote………You get the idea.

Putting order in all of this, so you can use it in the future, is a real challenge.

Another problem associated with going paperless is that you  need to have access to a computer  if you travel. You will need a flash drive or a compact portable hard drive to take with you. You also have  to make sure all the material you need has been copied from your computer’s hard drive to your device for this to work.

For me,  this was too much trouble until …….. Read More…

Videos Catapult Affiliate Sales!

Videos have come a long way online. They are now showing up in just about every promotion you see, and for good reason, they produce a lot of sales!

You can certainly easily learn to use videos to promote your affiliate products with amazing success.If you don’t, then your leaving cash on the table. In in this post I will show you what steps you need to follow in order to be successful. Otherwise you may wind up just wasting your time.

But when you first start out using videos for your affiliate marketing products or services, try to keep it simple. Its very easy to get carried away and try to do too much.

You don’t need the best broadcasting voice to make successful videos. As long as you articulate well enough so that people can understand what your saying. Speak clearly with a good tempo, not too fast, not too slow.

To get a better idea on how to do this, search for affiliate marketing blogs and see how they use videos.

Its not a problem if you don’t want to do this yourself. You can outsource it as long as you provide written content with instructions as to what you want.

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Secrets of Success with Affiliate Marketing




SecSecrets of success with affiliate marketingrets of success with affiliate marketing are not difficult to find…………….If you know where to look!
Someone said, or maybe I read it somewhere? In any case it goes like this ” If      you are just starting out and you want to succeed, “associate yourself with a rising star”

To me that says “If you want to succeed with affiliate marketing, associate yourself with affiliate marketing stars”.

If you think about it, it makes sense. Why not benefit from the experience of those who have made it and are still moving up in the world of affiliate marketing. After all they know what the secrets of success are in affiliate marketing. You will find they started just the way you did, but didn’t quit and kept on going until they were successful.

You will learn that they have inspiring  Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

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Setting Goals and Building a Business plan

Setting Goals


Setting goals for affilliate marketing


You have to know what  business (Niche) you want to be in before getting started. That is, if you want to create  the  Best Affiliate Marketing Program business out there. Yes……affiliate marketing is a business and it has to be treated as one. Gone are the days when you set up a website and sign up with a merchant, put the product on your website and wait for buyers.

Why Set Goals? You need  Read More…

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